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Our Pastor



Our Bishop

Bishop CR Hawkins 


"But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint."

Isaiah 40:31

In the nesting of Charles and Doris Hawkins, a young idealist was born on April 1, 1944 in Sulphur Springs, Texas. The 1st of 12 children, this young eagle took his responsibility as protector very seriously. Little did he know his part time position, as sheep keeper would train him for his greatest task. He was led into the military by the same voice that would later be his greatest inspiration and guide. It was in the military that he sharpened the administrative gifting that would serve in the greatest kingdom known to man, where he achieved the ranks of MSGt. The opposing side would attempt to steal his life from him, but his strongest asset would steal back the deed to his life and prepare him to meet his partner in arms, a great wind to the wings of a focused captain. After serving 20 years in the United States government's army, he was transplanted to Anchorage, Alaska in September 1982 and was saved for the Lords army in November 1982 at New Hope Missionary Baptist Church. He was called by the Master to "go deeper", and so he did and accepted his call to deacon and was ordained and licensed. In May 1983 the Lord would bless the union of he and his partner in arms, and their union has blessed them to care for 3 children, Quincy, April and Alex, in addition to inviting the Carroll family, three foster children,  into their home in January of 1995. 

He worked as the Elmendorf Air Force Air Force Base Foreman and used his position as another avenue to win souls and to share the generous heart he was blessed with.1989 would bring a deeper level in the disciple experience of this passionate follower. It was at Solid Rock that his enthusiasm as a teacher and a soul winner would truly blossom, known to walk from door to door witnessing, he gained a reputation for being a persistent yet very kind disciple, this was evidenced through the overflow growth of his Sunday School class that was split several times in order to accommodate the abundance of souls that were in hunger of the Bread of Life. 

After being ordained and licensed to preach at Solid Rock Baptist Church in June 1990, in October of 1991 the Lord called again and him again to "go deeper" and he went, and  True Vine Northwest Baptist Mission was born, and we called him, "Pastor". The fearsome faith of this leader and the True Vine congregation were constantly moving to higher heights as within the first 4 years of establishment a school was born. In February of 2002, an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity would be bestowed upon him by the American Christian College Seminary, and we called him "Dr.". Still his Master would call him to "go deeper" and would shake the foundation of his belief system and he would lead True Vine Ministries into the deeper depths of the purpose for the Christian life. Then in July of 2008 the Lord would honor his service and he would be consecrated as a Bishop, and now, we call him "Bishop". One thing is for sure in the life of this servant, that the least in the kingdom is the greatest. It is the desire of Bishop Hawkins that he prepares the followers of the Most High God to operate on the Kingdom's agenda, that they would serve the King in an excellent manner and after all this that they would live, and enjoy the abundant life that has already been prepared for them through their victory in Christ Jesus!  Bishop Hawkins is married to Dr. Marie Hawkins (his companion in life and ministry) and together they have three children, Quincy, April and Alex and six grands. 





Our 1st Lady

The gift of Dr. Marie Hawkins was sent to us by God in November of 1982, where she was born into the Kingdom of God at New Hope Baptist Church in Anchorage, AK. Anointed to teach, declare and decree the Word of God and unbound by denominational lines, she is loved by the Saints as an encourager, a sister, a friend, a mother, but most importantly a megaphone for the voice of the Lord to this generation. The fresh falling of the Holy Spirit is sure to dominate the atmosphere wherever this yielded vessel encourages, inspires, and challenges us to walk by faith.

The Executive Producer of "Pressing for the Prize Radio Ministries" heard throughout Anchorage and its surrounding areas, she ministers the healing, hope and perseverance that comes only through the Word of God. The power of the anointing coupled with the power of God's Word has broken the yokes of countless listeners and retreat attendees. Pressing for the Prize is one of the voices God is using to encourage His people and to remind them that they are standing from a position of victory and God is working everything out in their favor.

She is married to the Founder and Pastor of True Vine Ministries, a great visionary leader, Bishop Charles Hawkins. She serves beside Him in life and in the True Vine Ministries vineyard; she is a mother of three children and to many throughout the Kingdom of God. Her battle cry the people of this present age is "Don't give up, don't give out, and don't give in! Keep Pressing to Jesus!"



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